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Sento terra


turnable and pivotable LED floor luminaire, per head max. 18W or 26W each single- or double-sided, »perfect color« LED for best color rendering or »high flux« LED for maximum luminous flux, dimmable via Occhio controller or integrated »touchless« control

Also available in halogen technology.

New: optional with Occhio air.
Bluetooth control via app or »air« controller — simple, intuitive and from everywhere.
» discover Occhio air

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lamp body

slim rod 180 cm height,
inclinable up to 12°

luminaire heads

each 360° rotatable,
single- or double-sided light distribution,
diverse inserts for a free choice of lighting and color effects (tool-free exchangeable),
ø 123 mm


»touchless control« – smooth touchless switching and dimming via gesture at the head
»touchless fading« – individual control for both sides of double-sided heads with smooth fading between both sides (up-/downlight) using the full combined light power, can be coupled via gesture

luminaire base

lamp base with magnetically interchangeable cover,
controller with 180 cm cable,
winding mechanism integrated in base,
ø 32 cm

  • Sento LED heads — single-sided light distribution

    • Sento B
      cover / diffuser glass

    • Sento C
      cover / lens

    • Sento S40
      double lens + soft edge glass

    • Sento S30
      double + Fresnel lens

    lighting effects

    • diffuse

    • directional (80°)

    • focused light (40°)

    • focused light (30°)

  • Sento LED head — light distribution double-sided

    • Sento A
      diffuser glass /
      diffuser glass

    • Sento D
      lens / lens

    • Sento E
      diffuser glass / lens

    lighting effects

    • diffuse / diffuse

    • directional (80°) / directional (80°)

    • diffuse / directional (80°)

  • inserts combinable with lens

    • satinised glass

    • soft edge glass

    lighting effects

    • softened and widened light cone (100°)

    • softened and widened light cone (80°)

  • color filters

    • red color filter

    • green color filter

    • blue color filter

    • yellow color filter

    • magenta color filter

    colored lighting effects (exemplary)

    • red color filters
      on both sides

    • green color filters
      on both sides

    • blue color filters
      on both sides

    • yellow color filters
      on both sides

    • magenta color filters
      on both sides

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